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Helping financial institutions engage millennials with microinvestments
App Features
App Features
Interactive risk-profiler

Interactive risk-profiler:

user-friendly test to determine the risk profile of the user

Automated transfers

Automated transfers:

a predetermined percentage of each card transaction is moved from the current account into risk-appropriate, low-cost funds

Investment tracking

Investment tracking:

real time visualisation of investments per goal

User engagement mechanisms

User engagement mechanisms:

goal-based investing supported by in-app communication

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We believe that everyone can be an investor

Your millennial customers don’t have to sacrifice living in the present to start saving for their future. We designed a white-label solution that helps them reach their goals in a simple and engaging way.

With the Limitless app, everyone can become an investor in only a few minutes and enjoy life now and later.

How does it work for the user?
How does it work for the user?

You spend

You invest

Sign up and link the bank account

Discover your investor profile

Set the first goal

Start spending and investing

Value for financial institutions
Interactive risk-profiler

Improving engagement with Millennials

Automated transfers

Boosting investments

Investment tracking

Providing a holistic view of a user, including external data

User engagement mechanisms

New cross-selling opportunities

User engagement mechanisms

Lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing retention rate

Sara Koślińska

Sara Koślińska, Co-founder | CEO

Founded and worked for tech startups in London, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Singapore.

Ex-Rocket Internet. Co-founded Startup Poland in cooperation with Google.

Ka Lim

Ka Lim, Co-founder

With over 25 years in the financial services industry in London, New York and Singapore as a fund manager, stockbroker and analyst. Past firms include Schroders, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan.

Judit Bogos

Judit Bogos, Business development

Responsible for business development and project management. Worked eight years at ING in Hungary and in the head office in the Netherlands. Has extensive experience in international projects focused on sales effectiveness, distribution networks and innovation.


What does the process look like?

With every card transaction by a user, we calculate an agreed amount to be automatically transferred scaled between 20% and 2%, depending on the amount, from the current account at any bank to their investment account at the partner bank and invested into an appropriate selection of low cost mutual funds.

What level of integration is required?

The app does not need to be integrated into the partner bank's core banking system and will just need an interface to transfer funds into a predetermined selection of mutual funds.

How do you get customer data?

Spendolater uses a highly secure service provider that, with full customer permission, liaises with banks to consolidate that customer's data through direct feeds, APIs or web scraping.

Will this be regulated as an investment advisory service?

As a licensed, white label product, we are operating under the local bank partner’s overall regulatory umbrella. We would consult with the bank on specific local licensing issues regarding what constitutes "advisory services". The base product offering will consist of 4 - 5 funds of passive index funds ranked by risk appetite for the user to select from. Subject to limits based on their self-reported risk appetite profiles, we let them decide which fund(s) to go for themselves.